CAD Production and Management Services

JOHNSON CAD Resources, Inc. (JCRI) provides CAD production and management services for heavy construction contractors, architects and engineers. In this business since 1996, JCRI has a strong knowledge of the heavy construction industry and is a reliable resource for architects and engineers. We have a proven history of providing high quality and professional CAD services. When JCRI is hired as a single-source for CAD production and management services, clients are able to maintain focus and time on other integral aspects of the project.

It is our objective to build trusted relationships with all our clients, where confidentiality and reliability are held to the highest regard. We firmly believe our services contribute to the success of our clients’ projects through our dedication, experience and knowledge. This is our objective, necessary for building sound relationships. Our education and experience in architecture, technology and heavy construction are key foundations we build upon to our superior CAD services.

JCRI has extensive experience with infrastructure projects in the heavy construction industry including:

JCRI has extensive experience in the heavy construction industry.

  • Highways and bridges
  • Water treatment
  • Tunnels
  • Transportation
  • Water supply
  • Power

When you choose JCRI’s CAD services for your project, you can be confident you are working with experienced professionals.

  • Our years of knowledge and experience mean we can “hit the ground running.” We have a strong knowledge of the heavy construction industry and are equipped to handle high production volume of work on major projects.
  • Single-source management ensures continuity throughout your project. Our ability to produce and manage high volume work alleviates the risk of critical data loss or schedule delays due to employee turnover or other internal organizational changes. You can be confident that drawings will be completed ahead of schedule as production will follow the required critical path.
  • We have an established reputation for efficiency, organization and reliability among some of the nation’s top ranked contractors on projects across the United States.
  • We emphasize quality control on all our drawings produced. Our intense research of the contract documents will give you the peace of mind that our drawings are geometrically sound. Our research often uncovers contract design inconsistencies, and we bring these to your attention for resolution before construction.
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