JOHNSON CAD Resources, Inc. (JCRI) provides single-source CAD drawing production and management services for heavy construction contractors, architects and engineers. We have expertise and experience with the latest CAD technologies and cloud sharing capabilities.

Service Benefits:

  • Work is directly tailored to the contractor’s needs and schedule requirements.
  • Our geometrically sound structural base maps, developed from contract documents, provide the basis for various types of construction drawings and can include the integration of multiple components.
  • Drawings are developed in conjunction with the survey control and project grid, providing a useful tool for project planning such as work zone management, roads, equipment and excavation layout. Also, drawings can be universally shared with other project entities.
  • Our experience and capabilities help solve complex geometric problems. We are proficient using multiple CAD technologies for 3D modeling and clash detection software.
  • Drawings can be sourced by Cloud Sharing technologies.
  • We handle both on-site and off-site production and management.

CAD software training: Conduct onsite training, establish standards, and train your staff on CAD software.

Claims: Provide sketches, drawings and graphics for presentations for legal teams and construction management specialists.

Quantity surveys: Perform pre-bid analysis to quantify estimates of various construction materials (i.e., soil, concrete, steel) for volumes, area and weights.

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